Library History

Journey through our library’s history!

Eight O'Clock Club

Eight O'Clock Club is formed to raise funds for a library.

Ripon Library Association is incorporated.

A 500 volume rental library is located in Phelps Drug Store.

Library moves to larger quarters at Ensign's jewelry store.

Library moves to the City Building and hires its first librarian.

Library is turned over to the city and becomes a free public library.

Andrew Carnegie donates $10,000 to build a new library.

New library building is completed and opened to the public.

Friends of the Ripon Public Library is established.

City of Ripon authorizes Library Board to propose new library building.

View the 1970 pamphlet, "Why Ripon Needs New Library".

Why Ripon Needs New Library

New library building on Jefferson St. is completed.

Ripon joins the newly established Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System.

Ripon Public Library advisory committee for compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act is formed.

Image for timeline date 1994

Dynix automated circulation system and online catalog replaces manual systems at a cost of $60,000.

Angus Young Associates of Janesville is hired to develop a plan for expanding the library and bringing it into compliance with the ADA.

First Internet station is made available for public use.

Fundraising committee is created by the library board.

Image for timeline date 1997

Doris Riggs Miller donates $1.2 million for the library expansion.

Groundbreaking ceremony is held in July.

Addition and renovation of library is completed in May.

Ripon and other Fond du Lac libraries leave the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System and join the Winnefox Library System.

Ripon joins 20 other area libraries in sharing an automated circulation system and online catalog developed by Dynamic Research Associates.

The Library expands its services to the community, adding additional computer stations, color copying services, and children's educational games.

The Winnefox Library System completes a major computer upgrade and migration...

The Winnefox Library System completes a major computer upgrade and migration to SIRSI Unicorn / Workflows software. These changes facilitate the addition of the Fond du Lac Library to the shared catalog later in the year, and pave the way for future service enhancements.

A new director brings plans for additional programming...

A new director brings plans for additional programming for adults & teens. Free wireless Internet access is made available throughout the building.

Video gaming comes to the library...

Video gaming comes to the library in the form of "Dance Dance Revolution," while the first Teen Summer Reading program kicks off. A new homebound delivery service is met with much enthusiasm.

Results of the library's long range planning...

Results of the library's long range planning reveal a continued dedication to serving the community, meeting the needs of patrons while keeping up-to-date with changing technology. Circulation alone increased nearly 5% per year over the last three years.