Tax Form information for 2019

COVID-19 information: the filing deadline for both federal and state income tax returns for the 2019 tax year has been extended to July 15. The library is not currently open for picking up pre-printed tax forms or instruction booklets. Please refer to the links and phone numbers below if you would like to print out your own forms at home or request free forms by mail.

*** Please call the library for current availability of tax forms and instruction booklets.  ***

February update: we have received 2019 federal tax form booklets and instructions, and all 2019 state forms have arrived. All tax supplies are free and available while supplies last.


General information:

There is no set schedule as to when tax forms arrive at the library, though they usually arrive by the end of January.  Forms are available on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.  For specific availability, please stop in or call the library.

If the library is out of a particular form or does not carry a form that you need, copies can usually be printed by staff at the front desk at the current printing rate ($.15 / printed page as of 2019). A double-sided sheet counts as two pages. Certain forms, including many beginning with 1099, cannot be printed and must instead be ordered directly from the IRS.

Patrons may also obtain tax forms online (links below) or by phone:


Library staff will be happy to assist you in locating specific tax forms, printing out forms and publications which are not otherwise available at the library, and directing you to sources of additional help.  Because library staff are not trained tax professionals, they may not assist you with deciding which forms you need or with filling out your return.


Patrons may use the library's public computer stations for online tax preparation - however, the security and privacy of your information cannot be guaranteed, and it is always a possibility that technical issues beyond the library's control may interrupt or otherwise cause problems with the process. Only web-based tax sites will work, as patrons may not install software on the computers. More importantly, the library cannot guarantee that you will have adequate time to finish your work, and some tax websites do NOT alow you to save your progress.


Wisconsin State Tax Forms

Federal Government Tax Forms

Free File for federal income tax returns

Free e-File for Wisconsin state income tax returns

Out-of-state tax forms