Overdrive Digital Download Center - Audio Books, Ebooks, Movies, Music & More

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Thousands of titles - e-books, audio books, music & movies - are now available through the library's Overdrive Digital Library!

You can download ebook titles and read them on your Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader or your computer.  You can also download audiobooks and music to your PC and listen to them on your computer or transfer them to your iPod or MP3 player. 

It's easy, too! After installing the Overdrive Media Console software (for audio books) and Adobe Digital Editions (for ebook content), simply choose one of the great titles available, download and listen, watch or read. Search for your favorite titles or browse through topics of interest.  With thousands of titles available, you're sure to find something of interest. Read or listen to the latest crime thriller, view a travel documentary on your favorite European country, or enjoy some popcorn with a classic John Wayne flick.  (Kindle users - no special software is necessary, but you will need access to a WiFi connection to download content to your Kindle.)

Need help? Check the digital download center help page for tips on downloading, listening, transferring and more!

When you're ready to get started, begin by downloading the appropriate software (Overdrive Media Console for audio books, or Adobe Digital Editions for e-books - no software is needed for Kindle titles), available at the Digital Download Center.

Access to the Digital Download Center is made possible by funding from the Winnefox Library System and the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium.