Library Program

JANUARY 21 Pattern Building Games - Adult Game Night (Ages 16+)

Tuesday, January 21 | 6 P.M. | Pattern Building – Adult Game Night (Ages 16+) 

Get your game face on and enjoy modern board games at the library! This month, we are featuring Azul, an award-winning tile-laying game where players use Moorish tiles to decorate the palace for their King.  A major mechanic of this game is its pattern building, which enable players to earn a higher score if they can place tiles in specific patterns. Dragon Castle, Kingdomino, and Sagrada are other games that feature this game mechanic and will also be available to play. Adult Game Night meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month. 

New to gaming or need something different to play? Be sure to check out the library’s new Modern Board Game collection. Patrons 13 and older can check out up to two games on their library card for two weeks. There is a diverse selection of award-winning games to enjoy! 


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