MARCH 11 Babies, Birth, & Beyond: Knowing Your Options: Selecting a Birth Provider

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Babies, Birth & Beyond: Parenting Support Group  

Ripon Public Library, in partnership with Joyful Birth Services and Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, is proud to announce Babies, Birth & Beyond: a parenting support group. Babies, Birth & Beyond aims to create a safe, encouraging environment for caregivers of children of all ages, where they can explore a variety of parenting techniques, learn to engage with their children, and find support from their peers. A new parenting topic will be explored each month, with a dedicated time for Q&A and discussion. Children welcome. Learn and grow with us at the library on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 P.M.: 

March 11: Knowing Your Options: Selecting a Birth Provider 

Your choice of a maternity care provider and birth setting can affect the kind of care you receive, the choices and options you will have during labor and birth, and the amount of involvement you have in decisions regarding your care. Take time with us to learn about how different options can help you have a safe and satisfying birth experience. 

April 8: Books = Baby Brain Builders 

Babies in motion can listen and learn, so JUST READ! Books are powerful tools for building baby’s brains, promoting language development and paving the way for learning to read. Enjoy a brief introduction to the amazing array of early literacy skills that typically develop in preschool children and the best books and practices to ensure they are ready to read when entering school. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 6:30pm