What's New for Kids



Five little pumpkins
By: illustrated by Ben Mantle


Hop a little
By: Illustrated by Annie Kubler



A Charlie Brown Valentine [DVD]
By: My Plan Animation (Korea) ; A Lee Mendelson-Bill Melendez product


Bob the Builder. The golden hammer movie [DVD
By: Bob the Builder. The golden hammer movie [DVD]


Fireman Sam. Ready for action [DVD]
By: Prism Art & Design Limited



A crazy day with cobras
By: by Mary Pope Osborne ; illustrated by Sal Murdocca


Emma the Easter fair
By: Emma the Easter fairy


Snakes and other reptiles
By: by Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce ; illustrated by Sal


The giant diamond robbery
By: [text by Geronimo Stilton ; illustrations by Wasabi! Studio (desi


Three cheers for-- who?
By: by Nancy Krulik ; illustrated by John & Wendy



A picture of Freedom : the diary of Clotee, a slave girl
By: by Patricia C. McKissack


Around the world in 100 day
By: Around the world in 100 days


Ask Amy Green : boy troubl
By: Ask Amy Green : boy trouble


Big Nate strikes again
By: Lincoln Peirce


Fang : a Maximum Ride novel
By: James Patterson


Fear : 13 stories of suspense and horror
By: edited by R.L. Stine


Girl's best frien
By: Girl's best friend


Like the willow tree : the diary of Lydia Amelia Pierce
By: Lois Lowry


Michael Foreman's Peter Pan and Wend
By: Michael Foreman's Peter Pan and Wendy


Michael Foreman's the wonderful wizard of O
By: Michael Foreman's the wonderful wizard of Oz


Smooch your pooch
By: by Teddy Slater ; illustrations by Arthur Howard


The Memory Bank
By: Carolyn Coman & Rob Shepperson


The candymakers
By: Wendy Mass


The good garden : how one family went from hunger to having enough
By: written by Katie Smith Milway ; illustrated by Sylvie Daigneault


The horror at Chiller House
By: R. L. Stine


The last notebook of Leonardo
By: B.B. Wurge


The shark attacks of 1916
By: by Lauren Tarshis ; illustrated by Scott Dawson


The ugly truth
By: by Jeff Kinney


Where the streets had a nam
By: Where the streets had a name



Biggest bugs life-size
By: George Beccaloni


Built to last
By: David Macaulay


Easter Islan
By: Easter Island


Egyptian pyramid
By: Egyptian pyramids


Great Wall of Chin
By: Great Wall of China


Henry Knox : bookseller, soldier, patriot
By: by Anita Silvey ; pictures by Wendell Minor


How animals work
By: David Burnie


Inside Tornadoe
By: Inside Tornadoes


Inside hurricanes
By: by Mary Kay Carson


Itsy Bitsy & Teeny Weeny
By: written by Robbyn Smith van Frankenhuyzen ; illustrated by Gijsbe


Machu Picch
By: Machu Picchu


Mummies : dried, tanned, drained, frozen, embalmed, stuffed, wrapped, and
By: by Christopher Sloan


Naked eggs and flying potatoes : unforgettable experiments that make scie
By: Steve Spangler


Odetta, the queen of folk
By: concieved and illustrated by Stephen Alcorn ; poem by Samantha Th


P is for pi*nata : a Mexico alphabet
By: written by Tony Johnston ; illustrated by John Parra


Planet earth
By: [created by Basher ; written by Dan Gilpin]


S is for save the planet : a how-to-be green alphabet
By: written by Brad Herzog and


S is for story : a writer's alphabet
By: written by Esther Hershenhorn ; illustrated by Zachary Pullen


Soar, Elinor!
By: Tami Lewis Brown ; pictures by Fran*cois Roca


By: Stonehenge


Taj Maha
By: Taj Mahal


Tales of mystery and magic
By: retold by Hugh Lupton ; illustrated by Agnese Baruzzi


The bat scientists
By: Mary Kay Carson ; with photographs by Tom Uhlman


The crossing : how George Washington saved the American Revolution
By: Jim Murphy


W is for woof : a dog alphabet
By: written by Ruth Strother ; illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuy


We want you to know : kids talk about bullying
By: Deborah Ellis



A girl named Dan
By: Dandi Daley Mackall ; illustrated by Ren*ee Graef


A isn't for fox : an isn't alphabet
By: written by Wendy K. Ulmer and illustrated by Laura Knorr


And Tango makes three
By: by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell ; illustrated by Henry Col


Bedtime bunnie
By: Bedtime bunnies


Bella and Stella come home
By: Anika Denise ; [illustrated by] Christopher Denise


Can you make a scary face?
By: by Jan Thomas


King & King
By: Linda de Haan & Stern Nijland


Memoirs of a goldfish
By: written by Devin Scillian ; illustrated by Tim Bowers


Pierre the penguin : a true story
By: written by Jean Marzollo ; illustrated by Laura Regan


Rabbit proble
By: Rabbit problem


Ruby Valentine saves the da
By: Ruby Valentine saves the day


Ten big toes and a prince's nos
By: Ten big toes and a prince's nose


The listeners
By: Gloria Whelan ; illustrated by Mike Benny


The wonderful book
By: by Leonid Gore


Waiting for the owl's call
By: [written by] Gloria Whelan ; [illustrated by] Pascal Milelli


Who will plant a tree?
By: written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Tom Leonard

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